Services PM based on SAFe Integrated platform for PM & quality assurance GDPR Procurements DevOps imlpementation

SAFe adaptions for government / enterprises

SAFe or Scaled Agile Framework is a unique framework to address problems like complexity, quality, and speed of value flow to end-users. We have successfully adopted SAFe practices in numerous projects while promoting alignment, built-in quality, transparency, and traceability. 

We are thrilled to share this experience because it allows slashing time-to-market by as much as 75% and helps different organizations to scale lean practices over complex projects, allowing them to save millions of dollars in a matter of months.

With more than 150 projects under our belt, we are working to apply the best practices of the SAFe. It means helping to overcome the digital disruption thousands of businesses face today.

Integrated platform for project management & quality assurance

Our team leverages integrated project and product management software to help project managers and teams deliver on client’s requirements, manage time, budget and scope. We use cloud-based services, that are compatible with many modern tools used in software development. These services can be used with teams of 20+ people, suited for a wide range of businesses, including finance, tech, government and advertising.


Our team, which consists of several data protection specialists, provides the following services – Data Protection Consultations (DPO), evaluation of compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), provision of recommendations for the shortcoming prevention, support for the evaluation of internal procedures, preparation of NDIA, and other services in the context of GDPR.


Our team of experts provides the following services – organization of public procurement procedures, incl. drafting a technical specifications, regulations preparation, development of criteria for the evaluation of the most economically advantageous offers, preparation of the application regarding the procurement regulations requirements or the results of the procurement procedure, representation in the Procurement Monitoring Bureau, in court and other supervisory institutions.

DevOps implementation

Our DevOps Lab’s mission is to gather best ideas, practices, experiences and put them to test and use in real life projects and products to constantly challenge and improve our knowledge and expertise, so our services and consulting capacity is always more than just aware of the latest cutting-edge tech solutions, but also have them qualified and tested in field.

Custom software development

AA Projects has created a highly successful platform for custom software development to deliver on any clients Software development ambitions. Our development platform is based on SAFe framework – we have made every part of our SAFe software engineering process transparent through great tooling, connectivity, visualization of control dashboards, practices, methodology and well-trained field experts.