AA Projekts CTO Kārlis Broders joins a roundtable discussion with Māra Puisīte (TaskTop), David Slater (TaskTop), Carmen Deardo (TaskTop), Eric Knutson (Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta).

Discussion’s topic – the many meanings of traceability and its importance in software delivery. (See tools listed below)

Video timestamp:

  • 19:00 – Kārlis (AA Projekts CTO) introduction;
  • 20:45 – Meaning of traceability;
  • 24:20 – Why did we start to use TaskTop;
  • 27:05 – Automating artifacts between PM and Development software;
  • 28:30 – How we use Jama, TaskTop, Azure for automating traceability;
  • 33:40 – Developers view;
  • 36:05 – TaskTop configuration example;
  • 36:50 – Jama data visualizations with the help of TaskTop;
  • 39:00 – Another burndown chart data visualization example with predictions;
  • 40:10 – Jama automatic item update after Azure code deployment.

Tools mentioned in the presentation :

These and other tools we use for different task automation and better workflow can be found in our websites Eco-System section.