Riga, the 17th of June, 2019 AA projekts starts to work with The State Construction Control Bureau of Latvia to create a centralised data base used for work time tracking. After 6 months the system is launched on the 3rd of the February.

What is VEDLUDB?

VEDLUDB (Vienotā elektroniskās darba laika uzskaites datubāze) is a centralised database used for accumulating time sheets from all time tracking systems used on construction sites in all of Latvia. VEDLUDB gathers, maintains and issues information for authorities and helps them perform their functions. It is all a separable part of the main system called BIS (Būvniecības informācijas sistēma) – states construction information system. General contractor, subcontractor or employer and workers can access the data. National regulatory authorities can use the data, create reports. To achieve this VEDLUDB API is used.


To use VEDLUDB API it is necessary to register a new construction site in BIS VEDLUDB and obtain the main contractors EDLUS VEDLUDB integration certificate. The integration certificate is a string which is linked with the main contractor. That means that the integration certificate is a “key” to integrate with VEDLUDB and is used to protect data from third parties.

About project

Project lasted 6 months and the system was made public on the 3rd of February, 2020. Project was executed by using SCRUM methodology. General requirements, user stories, risks and tests were managed using Jama software tool to achieve best information sharing between the parties involved. Programming was done within .NET Core framework and was managed with Azure Dev tools that were integrated with Jama to share user stories and bugs across the 2 tools. Azure Dev was also used to deliver software, run automated pipelines and follow continuous delivery practices. This tooling allowed the system to be made in-line with the latest and greatest DevOps practices. The use of the .NET Core framework allows the software to be run on Linux which means that the cost of the project is reduced as extra licences don’t have to be purchased.

Information systems development project “Vienotās elektroniskās darba laika uzskaites datubāzes izstrāde” (Development of a united electronic work time accounting database) is developed in accordance with BVKB order no. BVKB/2019/9 which is based on general agreement no. VRAA/2019/09/AK/CI-110PKP.

– AA projekts, 12.02.2019.

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