Jama Software

Jama's product development platform enables you to keep pace with the increasing complexity of integrated hardware and software systems. It makes easy to define, store and review requirements. Improves imformation flow with easy decision and information sharing while also helps with the collabortion with the whole team.

Tasktop Technologies

Tasktop lets you integrate your tools to connect your software development and delivery teams. It lets you integrate all your various tools by connecting your endpoints so that your teams can share the artifacts they create and improve workflow processes across multiple departments.

Ticket Registration Module (TRM)

TRM for Jama provides ability for end users to fulfill service requests and register bugs and problems.

Request Management Module (RMM)

RMM for Jama helps with request time tracking from Jama Helpdesk. It identifies and notifies if a request deadline has passed or is approaching and works with other various time and date notifications.